Electronic communications undoubtedly have become crucial in today's world and in our day-to-day life. Over the years, businesses and people in general have come to rely on the ability to communicate to each other first using traditional telephony and then using newer' forms of communication such as the internet. Even today, the sector continues to change rapidly. With the increase in voice-over-internet-protocol (VOIP) telephony and television services provided through the internet, services that were traditionally limited to particular technologies are now available on all technologies.

Malta regulatory framework for telecommunucations services (referred to as electronic communications) implements and is closely mirrored on respective EU Directives. In an attempt to catering for the development in the sector, the framework itself pivots on a technology neutral approach to licensing and enforcement. In this respect the framework applies indiscriminately of whether the underlying technology is fixed, wireless telecoms, data transmission or broadcasting.

The National Regulatory Authority responsible for the electronic communications sector is the Malta Communications Authority (MCA). This Authority itself isformed and regulated by the Malta Communications Authority Ac,  Cap. 418 of the Laws of Malta and is responsible for the consideration and award of General Authorisations to provide electronic communiucations networks and services, the promotion of competition by conducting market anlayses and imposing remedies on operators with significant market power, the enforcement of Universal Service Obligations and the promotion of end user rights and interests.


Gonzi & Associates, Advocates is able to service all your needs relating electronic communications in Malta. It is proud to have represented clients such as the Malta Communications Authority as well as leading Malta telecoms providers.

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