Why Malta?

Geographic location and political stability, an educated and skilled English-speaking labour force, a modern and efficient legal and tax framework and competitive operational costs are just a few of the reasons why Malta should be your choice.

The top 10 reasons to establish your business in Malta and make use of the Maltese legal system in carrying out your business are:

1. Favourable Regulatory Environment

Serious yet flexible, the Maltese financial, gaming and other regulatory systems are ideal for anyone one who wishes to start up business or re-locate his business here in Malta in a  jurisdiction where accessibility and efficiency is a must. Based on EU laws and regulations,  the Maltese legal system will surely offer the ideal setup for your business.

2. Top-level Infrastructure

Malta offers the ideal ICT infrastructure for any business to operate in Malta. With eGovernment services ranking first amongst EU member states, a 66% of the internet connections being broadband, 2 satellite stations and 2 submarine fibre optic cables, Malta is surely a haven for businesses which operate on an international level. Apart from this Malta offers a high-level of water and electricity supply, a state of the art health service, efficient postal and courier services and competitive telecommunication services.

3. An economic climate suitable for business

EU membership, the recent entry into the Euro zone and the positive economic rating are amongst the key factors which give Malta a serene climate suitable for businesses to operate. Malta operates with in the EU free-market economy making it easier to reach European markets. Apart from this Malta has signed various double taxation treaties with other states.

4. Competitive operational costs

Malta boasts fairly low-cost professional services, which services in turn allow clients to maintain their high operational standards. Legal and accounting service fees in Malta tend to be lower than those which prevail in other European jurisdictions. For this reason, Malta is capable of encouraging a multitude of financial and corporate operations since clients have access to a number of highly educated and trained personnel, as well as state-of-the-art telecommunication facilities for a comparatively lower cost. Costs of renting office space and employing  workers are also moderate, especially when compared to the costs in other European states.

5. Business Frameworks in place

When starting or relocating your business you can put your mind at peace when you do so in Malta. Business friendly legislation makes it easy for any business to operate efficiently. Registering a new company in Malta may take between 1 and 2 days from the submission of documents. Tax incentives and various government aids to business through the Malta Enterprise, are amongst the best in the region.

6. Favourable Tax System

Fiscal efficiency is a key factor when considering the ideal location for one’s business. Malta offers various tax incentives and aids and is the only EU member state that allows a full imputation system. Moreover all Maltese companies pay only a tax rate of 35%. Maltese tax regime governing double taxation relief includes not only treaty relief but also unilateral relief, and thereby ensures that income arising from overseas is not subject to double taxation, even if there is no double taxation agreement in existence.

7. An English Speaking Nation

Together with Maltese, English is an official language in Malta. Most of the Maltese speak and write English fluently. More than that, legislation and information services are generally written and offered in English as well.

8. Availability of Skilled Personnel

When considering the vast number of courses offer by the University of Malta and various other tertiary institutes like MCAST, one is sure to find the right people to employ with the required skills and expertise.

9. Quality and Availability of Property

Whether to for habitation or as office space, acquiring or leasing property in Malta is relatively cheap. Generally furnished with all commodities and with the necessary services within reach, acquiring and leasing property in Malta may result to be one of the best investments one can make.

10. Quality of Life

Last but surely not least one must consider the quality of life of the place where one is to establish oneself. With an average of 300 days of sunshine every year and a friendly population one is sure to find in Malta the ideal place where to establish oneself. Malta is considered to be a safe and secure living environment and while the cost of living is low the living standard is high. Moreover education and health care rank amongst the top on global level. Another advantage is that being a small island travelling from place to another is quick and with a 2 – 3 hrs flight one would find oneself in any European city.

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