IT Law

The umbrella term of IT law encompasses areas of law, such as technology law, e-commerce, internet and digital/social media law.

Due to its ever-increasing role in modern-day life, IT Law has rapidly developed into one of the most significant fields in the landscape of modern law. As a result, Maltese law has adapted accordingly in order to accommodate the various technological developments in this ever-evolving field. The National IT Strategy for Malta (2008-2010) clearly shows how from a technological, as well as from a legal standpoint Malta has made keeping abreast of IT advancements a topmost priority.

The Strategy's main focus is on investing in a steadfast infrastructure for Malta's IT platform. It also emphasizes that the Maltese legislator's role is to achieve a balance between preventing cyber crime but not simultaneously stultifying development and creativity in this sector. This makes Malta an ideal location for the formation of IT businesses and other related industries.

Gonzi & Associates, Advocates boasts qualified professionals who have accumulated several years of experience in this area through serving a range of clientele, and who are well-equipped to provide legal advice with regard to a variety of IT issues.

Gonzi & Associates, Advocates offers a range of legal services relating to IT including, but not limited to:

IT Law

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