Other IP services

Other indirect services involving Intellectual Property which Gonzi & Associates, Advocates can assist with involve:

 Contractual Clauses and Agreements

Gonzi & Associates, Advocates are involved in the drafting of various contractual agreements and clauses for creative and IP heavy industries. We also ensure the appropriate intellectual property rights are correctly defined and assigned or licensed.


  • Software licensing Agreements
  • Software development Agreements;
  • Transfer of rights and domain-names;

 Intellectual Property for Start-Ups

We offer start-ups cost effective consultations and help them establish non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements at the early stage of their joint-venture attempts which will ensure a straightforward and targeted path ensuring the start-up commences operations on the right foot with a precise definition of every party’s duties and benefits. We also assist in their relative registrations and ensure they are compliant with the best practices in the intellectual property industry.

Trade Secrets and Non-Disclosure Agreements

In certain scenarios, establishing confidentiality requirements and drawing up the relevant non-disclosure agreements is the most cost effective way to imposing a duty of secrecy on independent contractors and employees.

Transfer of Registered and Unregistered Brand Rights

We also assist in smooth transitions between business takeovers ensuring that the relevant goodwill and registered rights are correctly allocated between the parties. We also perform auditing of existing Trademark portfolios which is of utmost importance when concerning complicated holding company setups when it comes to enforceability of trademarks consider that the latter are only deemed enforceable and valid if put to use by their registered owner. 

Malta Gaming Law

Gaming, IT and Telecoms

The firm's clients include some of the largest Maltese and international land-based and remote gaming companies.

Malta Tax

Tax and Corporate

Take advantage of Malta's advantageous tax regime by registering a Malta Company.

Malta Ship Registration

Shipping and Offshore

Gonzi & Associates can service all your maritime requirements

Malta Licence

Financial Services

Discover the benefits of a Malta Bank Licence, E-Money Licence, Payment Service Provider Licence or an Investment Service Licence.