Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property rights have long been important intangible assets to any undertaking. Today’s growing share of the creative industries means that enforcement and intellectual property protection necessitates more vigilance. Whether you are an established market player or a start-up venture looking to test the market, consulting on Intellectual Property matters can identify opportunities as well as threats to your business and ideas. Our firm operates within various Intellectual Property rights specialising in cross-border trademark registration strategies as well as copyright consultation and protection for creative professionals.

Intellectual property registrations where and when available are the single most powerful indicator and guarantor of protection. Obtaining this monopolistic right is of unparalleled importance to protect a sign, brand, invention or design. Various types of registrations exist of national (Malta), regional (EU), or international nature. Our firm can assist in dealing with the Maltese trademark office, EUIPO, WIPO, Maltese Patent Office and the Comptroller of Customs in Malta.

Registered Rights

Unregistered Rights

  • Trademarks (local and international) including consultation on brand tarnishment, dilution and unfair advantage
  • Designs
  • Patents
  • Copyright
  • Unfair Competition and action against Passing off
  • Trade Secrets

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