Copyright protection is the vastest form of intellectual property protection, one which is protected from the date of its first expression and which requires no registration formalities for validity. The fluid nature of copyright can be a delicate issue with its own advantages and disadvantages particularly those stemming from a lack of awareness surrounding the implications.

In Malta, Copyright is regulated by Chapter 415 – The Copyright Act. Copyright can protect expressions in the form of literary and artistic works but not the ideas themselves. The originality, expression and fixation of an idea is of utmost importance. Copyright also includes the protection of computer programs and preparatory work associated with it as a literary work as well as database rights and a sui generis database right which is often a very important asset to protect for our commercial clients. The database right granted through the Maltese Copyright Act is also a flexible concept which can further protect a wide range of works expressed by creative professionals.

Gonzi & Associates, Advocates can advise creative professionals and other business and individuals with best practices to monetise and protect their copyrighted creations and also draft appropriate and secure clauses and agreements. Commercial undertakings employing employees who are involved in creating copyrightable material should also ensure that they are covered by the necessary agreements as copyrighted material is only automatically assigned by law to the employer if it is a computer program or a database.

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