International Trade by Sea

Gonzi & Associates, Advocates is well versed in all the aspects concerning international trade by sea for shipowners, carriers, charterers and Malta based companies, both shipping based and purely commercial entities, seeking trade over sea. It has become popular to incorporate Maltese companies for the purposes of trade due to the fiscal benefits that arise under the Maltese jurisdiction and Malta's ideal location as a strategic hub in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

Our services include the drafting, negotiation and review of import and export arrangements and basic transport documents such as the bill of lading, letters of credit, the contract of carriage, contract of insurance and any other anciliary documents whilst interacting with the relevant parties such as financial institutions, carriers, insurance providers and banks on behalf of the client. In addition, our firm can handle any purchase or leasing arrangements for warehouses for storage if needed.

We ensure expert advice to clients who seek to harmonise their trade contracts and documentations with all applicable laws of both Maltese and International Maritime regulatory bodies which would prove invaluable in avoiding future disturbances when dealing with both foreign and local merchants and consumers. In addition, our firm has experience in both Court and Arbitration proceedings providing the necessary assurance and reliability that a client demands.


International Sale by Sea

Key Experts

Kim Cordina
Kim Cordina
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Lawrence Gonzi
Lawrence Gonzi
Partner and Senior Consultant
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