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Gonzi & Associates, Advocates is the main Malta law firm for both land-based and remote gaming operations in Malta. Due to the expertise and years of experience in these fields, our lawyers are well positioned to assist you with all your gaming requirements.

Remote Gaming in Malta

The igaming sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in Malta. It is regulated under the provisions of the Remote Gaming Regulations (L.N. 176/04) and the Malta Gaming Authority is responsible for issuing the relevant gaming licenses, ascertaining that licencees are suitable persons and in general ensuring observance of the relevant legislation. The regulations themselves aim at establishing a technology and game neutral regime encompassing any type of gaming by distance communication irrespective of the gaming device.

Casinos and Gaming Shops

The Gaming Devices Regulations, 2011 entered into force on 16th May, 2011.  The regulations empowering the Malta Gaming Authority to license gaming devices within gaming premises in Malta (also known as gaming shops). All gaming devices and gaming premesis require approval by the Authority.

Casinos in Malta are regulated by the Gaming Act,1998 and each casino requires a licence by the Malta Gaming Authority.

The licence however is also conditional to a concession which can be only granted by the Government.

Betting and iGaming Law

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