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Gonzi & Associates, Advocates boasts extensive experience in relation to licensing of emoney insitutions and payment services and has assisted a number of clients in the acquisition of such licences. Having significant experience in the area, the firm is able to assist clients in all aspects relating to their licence application and eventually their operations. Contact us for a preliminary no-obligations meeting on how we can assist your electronic money or payment services business.

Malta has been one of the front-runners within the EU when it comes to the telecommunications sector. Nowehere is this more clear than in the setting-up of Electronic Money Insitutions, also known as E-Money Institutions. These Institutions are currently regulated by the 1994 Financial Institutions Act (Chapter 376 of the Laws of Malta).

The primary function of an electronic money institution is the issuance of electronic money, which is defined in the Third Schedule of the Financial Institutions Act as any electronically or magnetically stored digital representation of a monetary claim due by the issuer. This claim may be stored digitally in the form of an electronic device for the purpose of making payment transactions. However, aside from simply issuing payment transactions, there are also a number of other potential activities which a licensed EMoney Institution is permitted to carry out.

Below you can find some relevant information with regards to the setting-up and maintenance of E-Money Institutions under Maltese Law.

EMoney Licence

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