Aviation and Aircraft Registration

Due to Malta's strategic position in the middle of the Mediterranean, aviation becomes increasingly important to Maltese economy and international trade. Having been a colony of Great Britain for over 160 years and having spent another 15 years serving as a military base for the British Armed Forces, Malta has been exposed to the aviation industry from a very early stage.

Chapter 503 of the Laws of Malta, the Aircraft Registration Act 2010 is the main piece of legislation that sets the regulatory framework available in Malta for the registration of all aircraft, for aircraft mortgages and other aircraft related matters. This Act established Malta as a competitive jurisdiction for aviation as it became the first EU Member to accede to the Cape Town Convention and Aircraft Protocol following its accession by the European Union on the 6 April 2009. Malta's status as a Member State ensures that it adheres to the standards of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) meaning that a certification granted by Maltese regulatory authorities represents strong evidence of airworthiness.

Aircraft operators registered in Malta may also take advantage of the liberalised access to commercial air traffic rights within the EU and are allowed market access to the traffic rights agreed with third countries by other EU Member States. Furthermore, Malta has recently ratified The Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment ensuring that the Maltese Aviation regulatory framework is in line with the latest developments on international asset-based financing which ensures that the particular needs of the aviation sector in Malta are met.

Gonzi & Associates, Advocates offers assistance to clients in registering their aircraft in Malta, obtaining Air Operator Certificates and Air Services Licences, and are competent to provide advice on asset financing, insurance and aircraft leasing.

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